Ethereum Lottery

I wanted to gain more familiarity around smart contract scripting on the Ethereum Blockchain. This includes data structures, debugging with remix and function modifiers.

Using my Lotto Smart Contract this web application allows users to enter a lottery with Ether and chooses ‘psuedo-random’ winner.

The application uses the Lotto smart contract written in Solidity, Web3 to retrieve information and write information to and from the smart contract, React as the front end framework, mocha for contract test, truffle for account wallet and infura for node connection.

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How do I?

I found myself searching the internet for book recommendations, how-to videos online or for events with like-minded people that I could potentially learn from all the time. Through hopping back and forth between different sites and searches, I decided building one site with one search could really help.

How Do I is an interactive Web Application that allows you to search for Books, Videos and local event groups related to whatever it is you wish to learn.

Technology Used

Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Youtube Data API, Google Books API, and MeetUp API

screenshot2screenshot3 (1)screenshot4

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Quantum Quiz

Quantum Mechanics always amazed me and had my interest. The physics of the infinitesimally small paired with the nuances of jQuery and Javascript paired together, perfection.

Quantum Quiz App is an online quiz application that guides the user through a series of questions while tracking the users score and providing feedback after each submission.

Technology Used

Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS

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